Their feelings, too!

Here is the loose translation of a Marathi poem I wrote a couple of years ago (You can find the original poem on my Marathi blog, here). It is based on the concept of irony, and me having to tell you this explicitly, is an ode to irony itself!


He was a little boy

Innocent, and care-free

I always want to be like this,

Dreamily thought he.

But alas, his teachers said

You must learn the world’s ways…

Can’t even educate their own children,

About your parents, the world says!

—                   —                  —

It was a piece of rich brown land

Just-plowed, soft, and moist

It wanted to stay that way,

And play with the blowing breeze, it voiced.

But the farmer said,

If I didn’t want to sow,

Why would I ever

Take all the trouble to plow?

—                   —                  —

It was a sheet of plain paper,

Very crisp  and very white

It didn’t want to be written on,

Lest get dirty it might!

Oh, but the writer had other plans

I paid money for it, he thundered!

Why would I do that, if I didn’t want to use it?

Wouldn’t it be a waste, he wondered!

—                   —                  —

The little boy did not imagine then,

That he would grow up to be very successful and rich, indeed…

The piece of land, too, didn’t fathom,

That on its crops would so many people feed…

And nor did the paper know that the words written on it,

would help thousands of people in their lives, to succeed…

Had they known, it would have been so much better!

They would have endured the present happily,

And would have been delighted, later!

—                   —                  —

The teachers, the farmer, and the poet were elated,

In the glory of their achievements they basked…

But how were they to know, that while improving the future,

The pleasantness of the present they masked?

Had they known, though, would it have been better?

Would they have been a little sad,

Then, or later?


The importance of other people…..

Was consoling a friend who was very depressed, and was giving him some tidbits of advice… Very spontaneously, I said something to him that amazed not only him, but me also….

While telling him to do this and that, I happened to say that “I know this is very easy for me to say, ‘coz it’s not happening to me; but then why would we need other people in our lives if we could deal with everything??”  He looked up, and I looked up too… I had just created and quoted a valuable one-liner, out of the blue…. He smiled, the quote was a good break from the sermon i was giving him, and was sure worth a thought….and plus, it was a pleasant break from his depressed line of thinking, too!!

Seriously guys, man is a social animal, especially because he needs someone apart from himself, to show him the different perspectives of the multidimensional world. Any takes on this?

Carvings on the wall…..

Do you find advertisement placards , bills and pamphlets put up on walls and meter-boxes  irritating?? Well, atleast I do!! But yeah, some catch-lines are too impressive to ignore….

On a wall enclosing Pune station: “Paani paishyasaarkhe udhalu naka”, meaning, ‘Don’t waste water like money’….

A small line, but says a lot!! Doesn’t it?? What’s missing in it? It has wit, irony, truth! All the best ingredients for a good one-liner! And it so so so truly describes today’s situation!! And yet its such a simple line!!

In old days, our elders used to say, don’t waste money like water; and now, its the other way  round!! Yes, today’s IT revolution may have brought ample money into people’s lives; the modern world has begun recovering from ‘financial’ poverty, but only to be engulfed by the dearth of natural resources, of water!

A situation worth thinking about, right??

SRK is most definitely THE King Khan!!

Well, his acting talents, his ssssssssstttaaaaammmmerrrring dialogue delivery, his over-acting, his style, his charisma, his clean image, his quizzing skills,  and his personal life apart, just on the scale of sheer wits, SRK scores a triple A+!

Take for instance the latest episode of KBC!! Most of u must have watched in shock as this last contestant of that episode, sitting pretty on 12.5 lakhs, told Shahrukh to his face that she was quitting the show….but she didn’t want to hug him!!”Mujhe aapko gale lagane ka koi shauk nahi hai”, were her precise words..(For those who don’t know, in this new version of KBC, contestants who do not want to risk the next question can quit by saying “Shahrukh, mujhe gale laga lo!”

For that one moment, everyone, including SRK himself, was stunned! I was half listening, so what I initially thought was she was being brave and refusing to quit the show, so she told Shahrukh that she doesnt want to hug him, she’d rather go on with the game!! I mean that still showed competitive spirit!! But alas, this female was actually rude to him…whatever she said was actually insulting, beyond doubt!

Ofcourse, after the initial shock , SRK recovered quickly , and regained his normal composure, and went through the routines of telling the contestants(only thing now  “she” was the contestant) that how they have made a correct decision by not forfeiting the money they’ve already earned, and congratulating them, and thanking them, and so on….

Everything was calm and normal on surface…but in reality, it was lull before the storm…and the storm was not a roaring, continuous one…..just one lethal attack!! and there!!SRK showed in a single moment who was in real control at the KBC!!! After all the routines took place, when time came to hand over the cheque, SRK said to Madame -I’m-superior-than-SRK, “I hope ki aap mind nahin karengi agar main ye cheque aapki bajay aapki mummyji ko dun…kyunki unko mujhe gale lagane me koi aitraaz nahi hoga!!!” :-))))

And then he walked confidently towards the contestant’s Mom, who had accompanied her to the show, and gave her a biggggg hug, along with the big cheque!! And from the expressions on her face, no one would a get a prize for guessing that she was more than happy and Elated to do so!! And do I need to tell what the expression on the contestant’s face was??

 In one moment the  gr8 ‘Mr. Khan'(Thats what she “professionally” kept calling him during the entire episode!!) turned the tables on Madame-I’m-superior-than-SRK, and boy!! Didn’t that get the audience up and roaring with applause!!! Needless to say, me n my roomie too joined in SRK’s party and the celebration of wits!!