About me?


This is Amruta! 🙂  I was born and brought up in Goa, and now work for a software company in Pune.
My interests include reading, writing, singing, dancing, driving, talking, thinking, travelling, trekking, solving puzzles like sudokus, debating, quizzing, etc etc etc…. In a single line, you can say that I am a Jack-of-all trades…. the ‘master-of-none’ part dutifully follows!

I think people who know me, don’t know me completely…In the sense that different people perceive me in different ways, at different times…

To some, I am very frank, to others, nobody could be as diplomatic as me…

To some, I am very quiet; others, have to keep telling me to shut up! hehe

To some, I am short-tempered; Others, wonder how I can keep my calm in certain situations…

Well Well, Don’t you worry!! I don’t have a split personality or anything of the sort….

I just react differently to different people and different situations; e.g. sometimes I take calculated risks, sometimes I’m impulsive….So basically it depends on…well…what’s right at that time?? I Don’t know!!

I am an open book, anyone would have been able to read me, if Only, I hadn’t been written in Latin!! 🙂 If Only!!!
Still wanna know more about me? May be after I do!! heheh, kidding!! May be later!! 🙂


62 thoughts on “About me?

  1. really like some of your posts…its kinda surreal that our collections on the quotes and some of your personal thoughts (whilst circumstantially different) are so identical…whilst my first thought was to send you a message to say…hey!!! it would be nice to know you…on second thoughts its better this way…why ruin a great connection by knowing the person anymore than the blog?..soooo…just wanted to congratulate you on your postings thus far….it was great reading them…although i didn’t quite understand all of them….keep it up and i’ll keep logging on to read more….and as they say…we all live under the same sky but our horizons….well they are a continent apart….but…


  2. hey there and welcome back….you seem to be having some ups and downs right now but good to see you hit blog road again….i’ll get to keep myself fascinated….as for your question about whether i have a blog….fortunately not….as i aint as good as you….but i’ll keep this line of communication open if that’s ok with you….like the prime numbers post too….and until we??…so long….


  3. Hi Amruta,

    I recently came across this blog through a comment that you posted on my blog. Although I havent got time to go through all the posts, I liked whatever I read. You can rest asured that I’m going to regularly follow this blog 🙂

    Btw, although I am not a Goan, i spent the prime years of my life in Goa (middle and high school) .. so that makes this blog all the more interesting for me.

    While at it, you might find this interesting – my friend’s blog titled “Goa – Only a Vacation Land??” has been published in Rashmi Bansal’s youth magazine JAM, and also in Navhind Times. Here’s the link: http://ashishyahoo.blogspot.com/2007/02/goa-just-holiday-land.html


  4. hey Richard!! Thanks!!
    And to further strengthen this line of communication, you can post your opinions about the posts I write, through comments on them too!! Would like to know how the sensbilities of people from the other side of the world differ rom those this side! Keep commenting!


  5. Hi Amruta,

    i was surfing on net when i hit the blog containing my name. i appreciate your choice and choices. other blogs of yours are very interestingly written. do you write stories etc? if not then you should. your articles have a distinct journalistic quality. may be you should get in touch with times of india group, well thats my personal view and would not like you to throw your present job.


  6. Hey hii Riju!!
    Now, are you the same Riju Bajaj that acted in the movie “Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jaye”?? Then, kudos to you, You gave a brilliant performance in there!!
    If not, never mind!! Thanks for you comments, and welcome to the blog!! 🙂 Do keep writing in!


  7. thankyou for the compliments.
    yes i am the same person.
    infact i shot for a serial in pune almost a decade back and that was the last that i saw of pune and ….well i do plan to visit pune this month for work.


  8. well i was in pune yesterday and today n thats the reason for hybernation .
    neverthless, my url is rijubajaj.wordpress.com
    pls send in ur mail id also?


  9. Well thanks a lot Riju for your generous praise!! And that too coming from a celebrated film artist himself!! whoa!!! Surprises me!! Anyways, hey can you post the entire poem that Nana patekar recites to u in ur movie thodasa roomani ho jaye in reply to this?? I cant really remember the whole thing…


  10. Hey Amruta !!

    I was searching something on the net and found your blog….

    I didnt know that you write ..
    well Its really great to know this side of you ..apart from a very enthusiastic software professional (participating in each activity..from CSR to music club…dont knw when u get time to actually code… 😉 )

    you write really well…

    Keep it up…and all the best


  11. Hii Anagha!!

    Its really nice to know that people do chance upon my blog by surfing on the net!!! whoa!! my blog is famous eh!!! 😀
    Kidding!!! 🙂

    As far as coding goes, I do it in the the mean time!! lolllzzz… 😛
    Kidding again!!! 🙂

    Ok, now on a more serious note, thanks a lot for your comment, and welcome to the blog!! 🙂 Keep reading and writing in! 🙂


  12. Actually i was thinking about it few days back but did not have your email id too. Normally most of my friends who blog have put their email id for contact.

    Anyways! Since I do not want you to be an Arian, Leo in that order I will root for the Scorpion.

    Amruta, dent bint kasla….ego naslela manua mhanun jagalo nahitar aata paryanta lihile aste ki tu muddam sangat nahis.

    I do know u r not into sun signs but appreciate the continued diaglouge on it. Thanks. Take care


  13. Bingo!!! Finally, U r right!!!!! I know you must be surprised, as almost everybody who hears of my sunsign is; but then as I said, life is strange!! 🙂

    why don’t u want me to be an Arian or a Leo btw??

    And no, it’s not that am not into sunsigns!!! They do make for an entertaining reading at times!! I said i’m not into guessing them…. and not much of a believer, too!! But yeah, they are fun to pass time with!! 😀

    And what’s ur sunsign?


  14. I am a gentle Taurean. Arians and Leos are whom I found very difficult to understand(I lack the talent ) :-).

    Actually all guesses were based purely on whatever you wrote. Seems i am pretty bad at that.

    Come to think of it if u r visible in the Hail Sinhagad photo then maybe you are the one whose eyes are visible behind the girl whose eyes are closed.

    Hey also noticed one thing. U dont seem to be writing blogs now a days.

    Take care


  15. I’m sure u’ll add Scorpios to that list now!! 🙂

    And well, u r wrong AGAIN!! and this time about the photo!!

    Well, yeah, haven’t been blogging much….am absolutely caught up with some professional as well as personal commitments; so I hardly get any time to think freely…..
    But hopefully will get back into action soon!! 🙂


  16. This time I am not going to guess anymore. Either u tell or we leave it that. 🙂

    So r u attending Sawai Gandharva music festival. I was to board Pragati today but pending work does not permit so tomorrow morning i guess i will be on the way in a bus.

    U interested in music.

    Waiting for you to come back.


  17. Hey by the way Scorpios are not difficult to understand only that tad difficult as a sign when not met in person.

    Main haar nahi manoonga. 🙂



  18. I guess that u must’ve guessed that I’d prefer leaving it at that! 😀

    Well, I will not be in Pune over the weekend, so no Sawai Gandharva music festival for me! 😦

    And I guess the frowny tells u whether I am interested in music or not…. 🙂 Don’t get to follow it much though… 😦 again..hehe!!


  19. No….it is not about guessing. It is about knowing where to draw the line. 🙂 Simple.

    In our lifetime there are people who you interact everyday, there are acquaintances who you will meet here and there, there are office colleagues, there are relatives, their are friends and then there is a best friend.

    We can take certain liberty with them and can stretch it to a maximum with ur best friend.

    And then there are unknown friends like you on the net. It is not important that we know the sex, the age, the location and more importantly the face.

    Though i do not weigh my options and do a pro and con with all it is important to give respect.

    Tell u what….I am wondering whether i should write all this on the blog. However if u do not mind why should i. Right.

    Keep the blog going. I think that is what connects people in the first place.

    Take care


  20. Well, I would say that blogs are meant to express and share ideas and views… so friends over the blogosphere do not need to be connected by asl or face….. glimpses of each other’s thoughts and thought processes are more than enough, Right?

    Now, about writing all this on the blog… well ofcourse it should be written on the blog, where else?? But now we have a new place on the blog itself… May be u can inaugurate the new page “Let’s Talk!” of my blog! 🙂

    This thread of our conversation is anyways out-of-scope of the “About Me” page, too!! So, Let’s Talk it is!! 🙂


  21. Hi!

    It was good to read few of your posts. Came across your blog through Aditya’s blogroll. I’ve been away from my blog for such a long time. It’s time I started posting again. I think it’s good to take a break from learning and work once in a while and blog. I’ll post my link here, as soon as I start writing 🙂


  22. Hi phreak(if u like to call urself so!! 🙂 ),

    Thanks for your comments, and welcome to the blog! 🙂
    Yup do start ur blog soon…. I’m always eager for some good reading! 🙂
    Hey, btw…. can u plz tell me what all posts fall outside the category of “good to read few of your posts” ?? 😉


  23. Hey Amruta 🙂

    Going through some of your posts and suddenly clicked on the link ‘About Me?’
    You know what.. almost all of your noted interests gave me a mirror of myself.
    The best coincidence is smiling face 🙂 You are a person with smiles!

    Chan vatla 🙂


  24. well i need no introduction… do I?

    i was always a big fan of your talk and hence never dared to argue with you.

    now i must confess that i am also a big fan of your writing…

    well i am proud that you are one of my finest friends


  25. Hey thanks a lottt Hrishi!!! 🙂

    It feels really good to get such positive feedback from friends. You din’t know earlier that I blog did you? That’s surprising!

    Anyways, do also let me know which articles you liked in particular, and which topics you like to read about! 🙂


  26. no i dint know that you wrote a blog. well i cant say which articles i like in particular , what i like is the your eye from details/small things that we generally dont stress on. i found lot of such things in your article.


  27. wow u look like a prety popular blogger….

    oh m i jealous ? 🙂

    keep writing such good blogs…

    dont nneed to draw blanks often..

    and oh … sorry bt i dont like everyone becoming software professional!


  28. Hey Amruta,
    came across ur website by chance….. n dont really know wht blogging is….. but felt like writing to u as we share same first name’s n tht ur in pune where im frm.
    guess there r more slight similarities abt us. will leave tht for later to find out.
    have a nice day.


  29. Hi Amruta,

    First of all, Thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog! 🙂

    Hey what articles did you read on my blog, and which ones did you like? Do let me know, coz reader feedback is the most valuable thing for me here! 🙂



  30. Hey Amruta!!

    My worked got hampered as I stumbled upon your blog.

    Read many of your posts.(Skipped the moview reviews.)

    Impressive!! very very Impressive.!!

    Short and sweet posts.

    Have added your blog URL to my fav’s.

    Can I add your blog in my blogroll as well?

    Few people who read my blog, might as well read and enjoy yours.

    Sharad Bapat


  31. Hi Sharad,
    First of all, thanks for commenting, and welcome to my blog! 🙂

    Thanks for your compliments as well. 🙂
    And ofcourse you can add me in your blogroll!! As the saying in Hindi goes,
    “Neki aur poochh poochh????” 😛

    And yeah, i’ll definitely go through your blog. 🙂


  32. Hey amruta,

    Nice blog. You really write good posts. Even I am from Pune btw. You can visit my blog at: http://www.amol-patil.com. BTW I am thinking to copy your about me section and paste it in mine. Can I get the rights? 😉 Actually I am totally as you have said in your about me section hence felt to write here!

    Keep blogging!!



  33. Amruta,

    first of all wish you a happy and healthy 2009!

    as a lot of people have already said…you blog is really interesting and you write quite well…i actually came across the post about Ekalavya Nyasa when i was looking for something else…i read that post, which led me to some of you other posts…all well written i must say! but after reading your ‘about me’ i knew that i will read your blog forever!
    especially the part where you say that different people perceive you in different ways…that is so true…i agree with you completely…

    keep bloggin!


  34. this is V V K Chandra…
    can you please update my URL in your blogroll to the new one… the old url is not working…

    please delete this comment 🙂 I dint find any other way to contact you…



  35. hii dii..i just came across ur blog and found it pretty nice…m sry bt its ma hobby to read blogs..many of ma frnds ryt and i lyk to read dos….m nt good it so i dnt prefer writing..
    some of ur writings r good…
    well vl catch up with u later smday..
    gudnyt…take care 🙂


  36. Hey Amruta,

    Awesome blog! I am also from Pune an working in Cybage.
    Are you also working in Cybage?
    I also write blogs but they are on purely technical topics.. 🙂



  37. Dear Amruta…. Inspired by your title…. as well as your name.. Amruta… Nectar…. and finally your words….. I am an Advocate by profession in Bombay High Court… and trying to create a name by being known as Digajmaan…
    I do write poems… but you have a sharp way of expressing the reality in miniature form… on the desk (desktop) on the lap (laptop) and in the palm (cell and palmtop)…. Keep it up..

    Digajmaan G. Mishra


  38. Hi, I just found this blog, though I read only one post, the latest one. I don’t know why I feel happy already. Will read more posts. My name is Amruta as well, and I landed here by an accident because I didn’t include my surname while going to my wordpress website. Glad to find this place and to see it running since 10 years now. Wow 🙂


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