My favorite romantic songs of all times – Happy Valentine’s Day :)


Ahem… it is that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day, when love is supposed to be in the air! :P And when it comes to love and romance, how can we forget Bollywood music?? So, here’s a list of my favorite romantic Bollywood songs, in no particular order! Listen, view, and enjoy the YouTube songs! ( But know that I don’t own the links :D)

1. Abhi na jao chhodkar (Playful romance)

This is one of the oldest romantic and really sweet songs! Jo khatm ho kisi jagah, ye aisa silsila nahin… so true! Beautiful lyrics and a refreshing tune!

2. Kabhi phool dena (Wishful romance)

Aur kabhi kabhi khamosh baithen, baahon ke sahare

Sooraj bujhana, saagar kinaare; aur raaton ko chaand ugaana….

Waise pyar ke naam ye to yaaron sab hua hai

This song symbolizes the dreams  and hopes of an ideal romance. Beautiful lyrics and the innocent romance, coupled with a peppy tune make this song really special. The video is cool, too – it features Milind Soman, of course!

Other songs in this movie (Rules… Pyar ka Superhit Formula) are also really romantic… Chhodo na mujhe yun bekaraar saa and Uljhanon ko de diya hai are exceptional!    

3. Heer ( Larger than Life romance)

How can a list of romantic songs be complete without a Yash Chopra number? He has given us several beautiful lovey-dovey songs, from Dekha ek khwab to and Chaand ne kuchh kaha , to Tere liye and Bol na halke halke ; but I chose this one purely for its is so melodiously romantic! I can’t quite understand the Punjabi lyrics, though :)

4. Humko sirf tumse pyar hai (Melodious romance)

I consider this song as the most romantic song ever! Some tunes are so romantic by themselves, right?  In fact, the violin piece at the beginning of this song, in itself is enough to make the distinction.  The video can be skipped, or played in the background. :-) :P

5. Ishq ki Daastan (Philosophical  romance)

This world is forever torn between the hardcore romantics and the straightforward practical thinkers. There have been several songs that argue whether love is good or bad, for example, Jaane kyon log pyar karte hain ,  Kay Sera Sera, and so on. But no song explains the contrasting viewpoints of people who feel the need to express their love, and those who think that some things are best left unsaid. And the romantic side wins, and how! Beautiful lyrics,brilliantly sung!

6. Saawan Barse Tarse Dil (Atmospheric romance)

Romance reaches a new height when the sky starts pouring – ’cause the rains make everything so beautiful and worthwhile! This song is beautifully shot, and sung. Of course, it is very hard to miss the romance in most rain songs… and the best part is, a rain song can portray several moods of romance – playfulness in Dekho jara dekho barkha ki jhadi, seduction in Jo haal dil ka  , flirtation in Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si… you name it and the rains do it for you! :-)

7. Accha ji mai haari (roothna-manana type romance)

Sometimes, a relationship is not romantic unless you fight and then make up. Watch the beautiful but feisty Madhubala try to make up with  Dev Anand, by first apologizing, then wooing, then threatening, and finally giving in – sweet!

8. Tujh me rab dikhta hai (Reverent romance)

This song symbolizes the whole movie… how ShahRukh Khan does anything and everything possible and impossible to keep his dear wife smiling… very, very sweet!

9. Aye Udi Udi (Newly-weds’ romance)

A combination of A R Rehman’s tune, Gulzaar ji’s lyrics, the choreography,  Adnan Sami’s husky voice, Rani Mukerji and Vivek Oberoi’s performance – simply means full-on romance… beautiful! Watch Rani and Vivek go through the drills of married life while the romance continues to blossom!

10. Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar ( The first and the best romance)

This list, of course, wouldn’t have been complete without this mother of all romantic songs – need I say more? :-)


So which is your most favorite romantic song ( from this list or otherwise)? Do take this poll and let me know! :-)

Until next time, take care and wish you a very happy Valentine’s day! :-)

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